Antares Tire Reviews

Updated 11/10/17

Antares Tires are primarily sold in the U.S. by Walmart and, distributed by a company called Horizon Tire. The Antares Ingens A1 tire is a very popular and well-liked tire at Walmart, with 17" sizes coming in under $75 per tire.

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High Performance All-Season

Antares Ingens A1
4.5 out of 5 based on 785 user ratings as of 11/10/17.

Antares categorizes the Ingens A1 as a Ultra High Performance (UHP) tire, but we would conservatively call this a High Performance All-Season tire. It features a treadwear warranty of 40,000 miles in V or W speed ratings, depending on size. Reviewers generally consider these a quiet tire, with good dry and wet performance.

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SUV / Light Truck Touring All-Season

Antares Comfort A5
4.5 out of 5 based on 352 user ratings as of 11/11/17.

The Antares Comfort A5 is a touring all-season tire with a reasonable 45,000 mile treadwear warranty. Most reviewers have these mounted on an SUV, with favorable opinions overall. Most buyers regard them as a very good value. They are offered in sizes from 15" in a 215/75R15 size, all the way up to 21" for the 265/45R21 size.

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SUV / Light Truck Performance All-Season

Antares Majoris M5
4.6 out of 5 based on 55 user ratings as of 11/11/17.
The Antares Majoris M5 is a SUV and Light Truck low-profile performance tire specialized in larger rim sizes, primarily in the 20" and 24" inch sizes. It has a good average review rating and high speed ratings of V (149 mph), W (168 mph), and Y (186 mph!). It also has a treadwear warranty of 30,000 miles, which is reasonable for this type of tire. Read all Antares Majoris M5 tire reviews at

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