Tire Deals and Coupons List

Updated 11/22/2022

We maintain the following list of up-to-date tire coupons, discounts, and rebates at major tire retailers and online tire sites. How most of the cash back deals work is, you'll mail in a form with your invoice or receipt, and receive a prepaid credit card back in the mail after a couple months. Fortunately, you will not need to cut out any UPCs as is the case with most consumer rebates.

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Take a look at the latest deals at TireBuyer.com. Usually there are year-round deals for $50-100 rebates on a set of 4 tires by various top brands like Michelin, Cooper, Pirelli, Continental, etc. There are also additional Military and Teacher discounts!

Use this coupon code: TIREREVIEWS05 to take 5% off any order $399 and up! (verified working as of 3/16/2021)


View the latest deals at Goodyear Tire!

Pep Boys is currently having their "Buy 3 Get the 4th Tire Free" promotion on Falken, Hankook, and Cooper Tires. The expiration date for this deal has been extended, but is subject to end without prior notice.

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Pep Boys - Buy 3 Get the 4th Tire Free

On a tight budget? You might want to try used tires, at Tire Mart (prev. Best Used Tires), believe it or not! We're not talking about dumpster tires here. These are usually "take-offs" where drivers upgrade their rims and tires to a custom set after buying a new car. They will have been inspected and tested for safety. What we would suggest is looking for tires with over 80% tread remaining (8/32" or higher), but you may find some clearance deals if you just need to get by. A set of 4 tires can be under $200, shipped free to the contiguous 48 states.

Lowest Prices on the Top Brands at TireMart.com

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